Sunday, December 13, 2009

I've Moved!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Resource Friday

Everytime I go to Cincinnati I always have to make a stop at West Elm. Love this store and I hope one day Indy will finally open one!

I think this hanging capiz pendant light is really cool. I think it would look so cool in a foyer with large ceilings, totally dramatic!

These cast metal animals are super cute and remind me a bit of something Jonathan Adler might do but a heck of alot cheaper. My favorite is the rabbit and he's only $26.00!

Finally, here's some cool Lutz & Patmos honeycomb pillows that look like a great winter sweater. They are only $54.00 and a great way to spruce up your couch for the winter!

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

Friday's Inspiration

This is another room done by Kishani Perera. Of course I love the ikat pillows on the couch, I've only mentioned my obsession with the fabric like a million times but what I like most about this home office is the inspiration board. It takes me back to whenI was a teenager and had a wall devoted to clippings from my mom's home magazines and of course hotties like Corey Hart! Yea, I was a teenager in the '80s!

Thursday's Inspiration

It's all about the fireplaces today! Do you know why? Because its our own fireplace that is heating our house this morning, it seems that our furnace is like what's with this cold weather and has decided not to work so well. (It's 60 in our house right now!) Looks like its a call to the furnace guy! Yea, cause that's exactly what I was hoping for right before Christmas!

Send good kharma our way!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Inside

I don't do alot of Christmas decorating. I'll be honest I'm just not a fan of decorating the inside of my house for Christmas, I mean its just alot of stuff to store for 11 months out of the year! I tend to keep things simple and to use things that have meaning or a story behind it.

The first Christmas tradition is that my daughter and I always buy a Christmas ornament for the tree each year. This year we actually got 4.

Sloan picked out this wooden bird from Silver in the City. A cool little shop on Mass Avenue near downtown Indy.

Go figure I picked out a handmade owl from Silver in the City. Cute eh!

Then the next 2 were my daughter's idea, its an H and N for our baby girls we lost this summer, who are obviously still very much in our hearts.

Our tree is a collection of our yearly ornament tradition, handmade ornaments my daughter made at school and 11 ornaments with Sloan's photo in it for each year to reflect her age! We always get a real tree every year even though each year I think we should buy an artificial one when Christmas is over but by then I'm done with Christmas!

The kitchen is pretty simple, I hang my Williams Sonoma red and green towels on the stove. Here's a secret, I've been using WS towels when I was young and broke and the only thing I could afford in the store were the towels. I decorated the table with our Williams Sonoma hot chocolate mugs and I bring out my Granny Kaye's salad bowl and fill it with my Christmas cookie cutters, then on the window I put pinecones in my pots and glued some berries on them.

In my dining room I put my Christmas dishes in the hutch and line the back of the hutch with some Christmas fabric, change out the chandelier candles to red and set the table with my dishes and some sparkly pinecones Sloan made for me more then 5 years ago.

The last room I did was the living room, of course that's where the tree is but I also decorated the mantle with fresh evergreen and our stockings and some candles, a side table with our advent Calendar that is my daughter's favorite part of Christmas and a snowman I painted last year at the local pottery place and a Santa key that my daughter thought Santa used in a previous house when we had no fireplace.

I really think its the personal stuff that makes the holidays mean something and the very reason I started this blog, its about making your house into a home!

Oh wait, I have to show off my husband's handy work outside with his lights! Great job honey!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wednesday's Inspiration

With my bathrooms being showcased at The DIY Showoff yesterday I have bathroom's on the brain so I went through my design files and came up with my favorite bathroom at the moment. Its actually Molly Sims bathroom and was designed by Kishani Perera. I'm so doing a room in black in my next house! I love the punches of purple too!

The DIY Show Off Showed Off My Bathrooms!

I just wanted to give a big thank you to Roeshel who featured my 2 bathrooms on her blog today! Totally made my day! Her blog is called The DIY Show Off and you all should totally go check it out! She has lots of postings on her own home remodeling projects as well as her readers!

The DIY Show Off

Homemade is Best!

My daughter's school is lucky enough to have a kiln so every so often she comes home with a new craft. Recently she came home with the flower that is in the photo below. The instructions were to draw a flower and then to reproduce it in clay. She made 2 of them, one for her and one for me. (Kinda like how I Christmas shop, one for them and one for me!) The flower in the photo is Sloan's to match her bedroom! She made me a blue one that I currently have on my bedside table that holds my earrings! I guarantee you can't find these at Pottery Barn!

What's the best homemade gift you've ever received?

Tuesday's Inspiration

I love both of these photos today! I am a sucker for any and all things pretty and I'm one of those people who enjoys wrapping presents! Just ask my daughter, we spent almost an hour at the craft store picking out just the right paper for my gifts this year!

(photos Nice Package)

Which makes me wonder, do you spend time making your presents look pretty or do you think, why bother they are just going to rip it off and throw it away anyways???

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday's Inspiration

This weekend we finished up decorating the inside of the house and Drew put the lights up outside. I'm glad Drew got the lights up yesterday because we woke up to a blanket of snow this morning!

This table was done by Eddie Ross! I love him! He can set a table like no one's business!

So let me ask you do you decorate your table for Christmas?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Resource Friday

Today we're shopping at Garnet Hill. And I'm sooo not talking about Garnet Hill because I'm hoping for lots of Christmas gifts from my hubby! (Hint...hint!) Me make a list and bookmark the catalog and happened to leave it in Drew's office?? Never!!! These items aren't on my Christmas list but I do want to show off some great things for the home.

The first is the gustav hand knotted wool rug that is $898.00. The colors are beautiful!

Second is the simple rustic bench at $598.00. The name speaks for itself because I love how simple the lines are.

I actually bought the 3rd item! It's an owl pillow cover for $48.00. I know I said I wouldn't buy anything else owl related but I didn't have any owls for Christmas. Ok, except for some ornaments! I mean how cute are these pillows! I got the one in black!

Wait how did this photo get on here? I love everything thing in this photo and I want it all, I love the Orla Kiely wallet, the dress and yes I adore the coat!

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

Friday's Inspiration

Thom Filicia is awesome! I love his style and I love this room. Love the chandelier and love how the ceiling is painting a color other then white.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Outdoor Christmas Decorating

I finished my part of the Christmas decorating today, on Saturday Drew will put up our lights and we'll be officially done. I'm also hoping the rest of inside of the house will be done too.

The first photo are 2 wreaths made of plain live wreaths, grapevine wreaths and then Christmas ornaments that I attached.

Then is a basket I put on my table on my side patio. I just used garland and I got out my handy glue gun and glued red ornaments and placed it in the basket.

This is the finished side patio.

At the front of the house besides the swag on the door I put together an urn and dressed up my favorite owl (a gift from my daughter and Drew).

A close up of the urn. It turned out to be a pain, it kept falling over so I had to re do it and place bricks inside of it so it will stay in place. There is just a mixture of Christmas greenery, pinecones, ornaments, twigs and berries in it.

The finished front door.

Bring on the lights!

Thursday's Inspiration

I have been searching for a nativity scene for years and they are either too cheesy or too expensive. I finally find one and I love it but..

go figure it's sold out! Isn't it only December 3rd? Oh well hopefully next year Pottery Barn will have it again! Of course I probably should still go to Pottery Barn this weekend just to make sure!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Help Me Decide

I am thinking about offering my design services and I am trying to come up with a name for my "company", so please help me out and vote. Its anonymous so go over to the right and just click!

I appreciate all your help!

Wednesday's Inspiration

The meaning of a picture is worth a thousand words!

(Photo Southern Living)

How beautiful is this?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday's Inspiration

I'm finishing up on the outside decorating today so my inspiration is all things outside that are sparkly and pretty. I'm also doing a project similar to the one in my inspiration photo today. (Ok not really but there is an urn involved.) I can only hope mine turns out half as good as Martha's! (Ok, Martha's assistants!)

(Photo by Martha Stewart)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Small Start to My Outdoor Christmas Decorating

I feel like I'm already behind, because everywhere I look (our neighborhood) and everywhere I read (facebook and my favorite design blogs and twitter) everyone has all their Christmas decorations up. I don't even have my Thanksgiving stuff put away yet. I did however get a few things done outside these last few days.

The first is my swag on the front door. I just bought a plain swag and dressed it with ornaments, and berries and some various winter foliage. You can save money if you put it together yourself and I think the end result is always better then buying one already done from a store.

The next one is a close up of one of my window boxes. Again, I basically threw a little of this and a lot of that into the containers. There is winter foliage, eucalyptus, berries, ornaments and some yard art that I bought from the Enchanted Garden.

The last photo is both of my window boxes.

Hopefully I can finish up with the other projects in the next few days and then convince my husband to get the lights up. I have 2 more wreaths, garland to string and a container to put together for in front of the front door, so come back!

Monday's Inspiration

(Photo from Southern Living)

This photo is from Southern Living. I chose it because I'm decorating the outside of my house this week. If only my house looked like this one!

My plan is to finish decorating the outside of our house this week, and the inside of the house next week, but honestly my brain is all over the place. I went shopping this weekend for supplies for the outside and I kept putting decorations for inside the house in my basket. Twice I pulled everything from my basket back onto the shelves and told myself to stop and focus on the outside and the list!

Time to go untangle the lights! Which brings me to the age old question, white lights or colored lights?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Resource Friday!

Black Friday and Resource Friday! Can we say shopping?? Today I'm talking about Anthropologie! This is actually what I'd call my dream job, meaning either designing their killer window displays and stores or traveling the world as a buyer for the store, you know a full-time shopper!

First up is the cascara coffee table at $598.00. I think its unique, has great lines and would make a fun statement in the living room.

Next is the crystal votive that is priced $38.00-$58.00. I'm totally into any and all things rock right now and if you're going to pick a rock why not pick a sparkly one?

Anthropologie has great knobs for your cabinets and furniture. Its a great way to add your own special and unique touch to a piece. I love this calico frog knob for $12.00!

Last we have the piped diamonds tote at $248.00 and the handbasket bag at $258.00. Oh wait!! That's not shopping for your home that's what's on my Christmas wish list!! How'd those get on here? Honey, if your reading...

Happy Shopping & Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Friday's Inspiration

I love this bedroom, unfortunately I don't know the designer or the source. I love the colors black and yellow together. I also love a canopy bed, it reminds me of when I was a little girl in my 1970's gilded canopy bed with the baby blue polyester canopy! I like the mix of patterns and stripes and how it all works to make the room inviting and comfortable.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Photo from Martha Stewart, but of course!)

Its been a rough year but I still have so much to be thankful for. I love my family and friends very much and without them I couldn't get through the hard stuff! I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving!!

Eat lots and be thankful!