Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday's Inspiration

(Photo from Southern Living)

This photo is from Southern Living. I chose it because I'm decorating the outside of my house this week. If only my house looked like this one!

My plan is to finish decorating the outside of our house this week, and the inside of the house next week, but honestly my brain is all over the place. I went shopping this weekend for supplies for the outside and I kept putting decorations for inside the house in my basket. Twice I pulled everything from my basket back onto the shelves and told myself to stop and focus on the outside and the list!

Time to go untangle the lights! Which brings me to the age old question, white lights or colored lights?


Dawn said...

Love the pic. I would decorate similar to that if my house was similar to the house in the photo.

I have always been partial to white lights, but I've seen some nice colored displays lately.

Can't wait to see pics of your finished product!

h2urHOME said...

I'm with you Dawn, I have also come across some really cool colored lights, and I thought I'd never say that!