Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bin Obsession?

Yesterday I talked about how I went to Midland Antiques and came home with some locker bins and it hit me that I think I may have a bin obsession. I used two of the locker bins in my television to hold DVDs and the other one to hold design magazines in my office that need to be looked over.

As I was taking the photos it hit me I have bins in virtually every room in my house to store one thing or another.

There are 2 in my kitchen to hold plastics and aluminum cans.

There is one in my closet to hold my cashmere sweaters.

There are two in the bathroom, one to hold our medicine and vitamins and the other to hold my curling irons and blow dryers.

Three in the linen closet to hold extra shampoo and toiletries , first aid kit and pedicure and manicure stuff.

Two in my daughter's bedroom that hold her pez collection and oddly shaped books.

Finally there are 6 in the hall closet that hold everyone's mittens, gloves, hats and small umbrellas.

So clearly I AM bin obsessed but I am a bin obsessed woman who knows where everything is!


Dawn said...

I need your help at my house. I have lots of bins but they all seem to be overflowing!

LIZ said...

wow...nice...our house would totally drive you crazy

LIZ said...

and...may I call you "Osama Bin Laurie"....LOL!