Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monthly Trip to Midland Antiques

I was downtown today so I stopped at Midland Antiques Mall for a little looksy! This is my favorite antique shop in Indianapolis. They have 2 locations, one downtown Indianapolis and the other one is up north in Carmel. They have everything in this place and always have whatever is current in the design magazines.

I like to walk the mall and take photos of the items that catch my eye. Sometimes I save the photos for inspiration for a later design and sometimes its a way to remember what I've seen so I can go back to the booth before I leave and pick up the item to buy.

Here are a few snapshots of the items that caught my eye. The first photo is right when you walk into the place, I love the screen itself and also the color.

I love the mirror in the photo below, I love its scale and I can only imagine the impact it would bring to the room, either on the floor or above a beautiful buffet. I think the chair is awfully pretty too, how great would that be next to your dressing table!

I love this horse lamp, with a different shade of course. I imagine a large cream colored one, with gold leaf inside of it. I think this would look great just about anywhere, the living room, a study or even the dining room.

The last photo just makes me smile and takes me back to when I was a child at the park. I'm not sure if its safe to use but it sure is sweet!

Today I got away cheap, I purchased 3 old wire locker bins and tomorrow I'll show you where I put them!

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