Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inspirational Books

No, I'm not talking about those types of inspirational books to help you become a better person, save your marriage or look great in 30 days, I'm talking about MY inspirational books!

I have been clipping photos out of magazines since I was teenager and even as a teenager I clipped out rooms that I thought were pretty and amazing. When other girls had photos of Corey Hart and that guy from Winger on their wall I had photos of a bedroom or a piece of furniture I liked.

About 8 years ago I started putting my clippings in a book but soon I realized I had alot of books and they weren't in any sort of order so I recently organized my books according to rooms. (Ex. Bathroom, Dining Room, Home Office, etc.)

This shelf unit in the photo below is down in my studio behind the curtain. As you can see I like to use the label maker!! You can also see my group of inspirational books.

Everytime I start a room I always go to my books for a little inspiration or a starting point. I also from time to time go through the books and edit rooms that are maybe past its day.

So the next time you start a room you don't have to go nuts like I do but go to Barnes and Nobles and buy a magazine or two, Tear out pictures of a paint color you like or the faucet you'd kill for or the tile you'd die to have. I guarantee when you are done pulling photos you'll notice you'll have a very good idea of your sense of style and your direction for the room!

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Anita said...

Great advice!, I'll put into practice...