Friday, November 13, 2009

Resource Friday

Friday is pay day for most of us and what do we girls like to do on payday? We like to shop! I thought I'd start a weekly postings on some of my favorite places to shop for my home. Do I get paid to toot their horn? No way! But I do think its fun to share with people great places to find beautiful things!

My first resource I'm excited to talk about is Urban Outfitters! Did you think they only sold clothes for teenagers and adults in their early 20's? No way! Their home stuff is awesome and what's even better their prices are great!

The first product is a metal accordian table that cost a measly $60.00! I'm sure you've seen this table at other stores for 5 times the price! Steal!!

This tufted headboard is $300.00 and I'm thinking it might be time to redesign my own bedroom!

Speaking of my bedroom, I actually have the next item. Its the haruki slat bench for $225.00. Its one of my favorite pieces in my house. Right now it's at the foot of my bed but this bench could easily be used as a coffee table.

Finally, having an obsession with chairs, I'm loving this charcoal dolce chair for $200.00. Can I sniff out a bargain or what? Love the style and love the color!

Happy Shopping & Happy Friday!!


LIZ said...

Love Love Love Urban Outfitters. We have that same table but we got robbed at Pottery Barn. I had an upolsterd headboard in my old house that I had for 15yrs and loved it. Now I wish I would have kept it..everything old becomes new again in time.

FYI..there is an Urban Outfitter in downtown Bloomington, we should go sometime.

walrus studio said...

Urban always has some great stuff!