Thursday, November 19, 2009

Resource Friday!

Time to go shopping! Today it's Ballard Design. Love this store! Its got everything from kitchen to bath to furniture to fabric by the yard and everything in between.

Below is an ikat pillow that is a bit pricey at $149.00 but I love it. I'm currently obsessed with all things ikat!

Next is the montego mirror that is $119.00. Ballard has beautiful mirrors!

Finally something fun, the turtle stool at only $45.00!

Happy Friday!!


Sharon McKinley said...

I love Ballard Design. I redid my bathroom in Fleur de Lis design and can't believe I spent $20 on a hand towel b/c I couldn't find one with the Fleur de Lis design on it anywhere else.

LIZ said...

Granny K's fav mail order place. She always has a stack of Ballard catalogs to flip through. I love that little turtle stool!!