Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Tough Decision

We put our house on the market recently and to be honest with you we're really not sure what we are going to do if it sells. We decided to sell the house for a few reasons but mostly because it was never our intention for this house to be a long term home for us. Drew, my husband bought the house before we got married and it was always in our plan to fix it up and then buy "our" house.

Well... to say we've had a bad year is putting it mildly, we dealt with a lawsuit that was about as frivolous as they come, a serious illness with a beloved family member and we lost our baby girls when they were born prematurely the end of July. At this point we both feel like we just needed a fresh start a new beginning.

We know the market is slow and its not essential that the house sells quickly or even sells at all it almost just feels good knowing were moving towards doing something to make our new beginning.

So once and if the house sells we have a tough decision and that's, do we build a home or do we fix up an old house?

A new house would be great, it would be clean and it would be done except the finishing touches, the kind that comes from living in the home and letting the design progress. I also like that the house will be warm in the winter and cold in the summer, old house are a pain to heat and cool. What worries me though is the resale, I just don't think it'll would pay financially like the old houses I have sold. Then there is the character, new houses are seriously lacking in that department.

An old house... well it speaks for itself, there is nothing like one, the character of an old house is the best. I love the woodwork and the arches and old fireplaces and stained glass windows in them. I like that you can gut the place and update the home and turn around and make a huge profit. What I don't like is old houses never seem clean and there is always something to do or to fix. I mean who likes spending big bucks on central air or a new roof?

So I ask all of you....new house or old house and why??


Dawn said...

Is the old house in the picture located in Meridian Kessler? It's gorgeous.

I love old homes, but prefer to live in a newer home. Like you, I feel like older homes never look clean...not that my house does with a 2 year old living in it! LOL.

My name is Laurie Jones. said...

The older house is actually right on Meridian Street and is considered a Meridian home mini mansion. I love it, although it's about $150,000 more then the photo of the new home I posted!

LIZ said...

I see you more as an "Old House" person...you were always "fixing" an old house and putting your "mark" on it. The artist in you would look at those two photos and know in your heart which one. Trouble is, heart and mind collide sometimes. Think it through, but If I had to do it all over again, I would pick the old house

Sharon McKinley said...

Nothing has more character than an old house.