Friday, November 6, 2009

Design Philosophy

Its no secret that I like to mix things up, meaning splurging on things I love and saving money on other things. Interior design is alot like fashion, its smart to spend alot of money on that black pencil skirt but probably a little silly to spend a fortune on last summer's gladiator sandals!

My breakfast area probably doesn't look this cute everyday but its currently staged because we've decided to put our house on the market. This area for the most is made up of bargains. The space is small but I wanted a round table so I needed one with leaves so the leaf could be laid down against the window wall. I got the table from Walmart for $5.00 in the clearance area because there were some parts missing for the chairs that went with it. It was an ugly oak table that I just sanded down and painted a creamy white. The chairs within the missing pieces didn't matter to me because I didn't need them and I'd already bought chairs for the space. That's where my splurge came in. I have always loved these chairs. They are made from recycled aluminum with wood seats. (I have an obsession with chairs actually!) You can find them at Design Within Reach. They are pretty pricey but I did manage to only pay half that price. I'd like to think my chairs are like the trusty pencil skirt I mentioned above. A classic and timeless chair that won't go out of style next season and something I won't get bored with.

THe top of the table consists of bargains, white plates from Ikea an Orla Kiely placemat from Target, a tray and tea set I bought 19 years ago from Pier One and tea towels from Crate and Barrel and then what every table needs and another rule of mine, some fresh flowers!

Happy Friday!

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Dawn said...

Cute. Great staging!