Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Its Better When There Is A Story Behind It

I feel like I haven't bought a knick knack in ages but I can't seem to buy something unless the piece means something to me. I think when it means something to you it makes your house a true home and sets you apart from the rest. I have items from my grandmother, things from my mom, gifts from Sloan or Drew and even gifts from myself. Here are two of my favorite things.

The first is a monkey I bought at Midland Antiques. I love monkeys, I mean who doesn't? I used to call Sloan a monkey when she was a baby. This piece is always a good conversation piece when we have friends over, especially when we have a tea light in the small container. He is actually quite creepy. So creepy in fact Drew, Sloan and I tend to move the monkey all throughout the house to surprise one another. We've put it in each other's bed, on the bathroom floor when someone is showering. The scariest place was on Drew's chair. What made it so scary is that the monkey fell out of the chair and we're not really sure how it fell. We actually call him the murder monkey. Weird...yes, but a great silly memory.

The second photo is Sloan's hand print that she gave to me when she was five years old. We've lived in 3 different places since then and it has always hung in my kitchen. The reason it's in my mom hung my hand print in her kitchen when I was a little girl.

So the next time you are picking things to decorate your house remember pick something you love and that mean something to you.


Anonymous said...
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Sharon McKinley said...

very cool - believe it or not, I have my handprint from church when I was about 8 years old that looks just like that! very cool monkey too!