Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Yea!

Am I excited?? You have no idea! We worked our butts off this weekend and I'm telling you I could barely get out of bed this morning. Why am I so excited? This is the first house that I have owned that I have crossed off all my mental to do list/projects. Could I sink in another $50,000.00 into the house? Absolutely, but whenever I move into a house the instant I even think about buying the house I have a whole idea in my head on everything I want to do.

This is the last big project on the house that we completed this weekend. The first was the staircase going down to the basement. We live in a very old house house and we had a very old and ugly basement.

The fix was simple, a little paint and some vinyl tiles. I still would like to paint the banister going down the stairs but for the moment this will do and is a big improvement!

I can't believe I am posting this photo but I'm going to let you see what our basement looked like for years. It was the catch all room and a place where we put everything while we remodeled the rest of our house. (Ok so we stored things in our garage too!) This is the reason why I have always hated basements! It was so ugly, bad paneling, vinyl tile that was popping up all over the place and a cheesy bar at the end of the room.

We were on a major, major budget (what's new!) and we only spent $150.00 on the room and basically painted the whole darn thing. The ceiling tiles were torn down which left the exposed wood which we decided to paint black. It gives the illusion that the ceiling is much higher then what it really is. We tore out the nasty bar and we primed and painted both the walls and the floors. I know there's some footprints on the floor but I want to wait until the paint can dry for a few days before I wipe them up, I just really wanted to show the room off. (The room had dust everywhere!!) We decided not to put anything on the floor because if it rains really super bad there are a few spots that have gotten wet in the past and we wanted to play it safe.

Like I said there are still a few minor things here and there that I'd look to finish up but for now I think I'm going to sleep for the next 2 days!


Sharon McKinley said...

WOW - what a difference. It looks great!

Dawn said...

Looks great!